The origins of paintless dent repairs (PDR) are as varied as the vehicles this repair method is carried out on.

It is believed that the manufacturers of prestige vehicles such as Bentley, Mercedes, and Rolls Royce all used this method in house to repair minor dents on the assembly line.

The method can be traced back to the early 1950 with the first release of the monocoque car.

Reflected light on the body of the vehicle allows a skilled technician to identify a dented panel.


He can then to massage away the low spots and tap down high spots while keeping the paint finish 100%. In essence this is the same technique used today in the modern assembly lines throughout the world.

Exactly how this valuable technique was carried out was a tightly kept secret… technicians were all held in high regard!

Slowly the secret seeped out and the modern day paintless dent repairer was born.

The tools of trade have changed with the generations. Modern tooling is much more slim line and precise compared to the heaver tooling used to push higher graded metal panels of the past.

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